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Northeast Cannabis Coalition takes our organization members interests very seriously and we work with everyone from startup organizations to large established companies in order to facilitate dialogue with local, state, and national interests to further changes to laws and regulations that encourage free market economic development, scientific exploration, technological innovation, and new medicinal applications of marijuana.


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Our coalition members vary in experience and background within the cannabis community.  We invite individuals looking to become participants in a professional group within the northeast corridor of the United States that strives towards goals including lowering barriers of entry into the cannabis industry, encouraging diversity, employment opportunities, and championing regulations that foster free market economic development.


Join the Coalition


Have professional skills and experience you would like to volunteer towards the cannabis community?  Have an organization that is willing to donate professional services or sponsor events?  Whether you are an attorney, marketing professional, scientist, software engineer, event planner, or lobbyist we want you to volunteer for us.  If you can volunteer your time and resources to our organization we welcome you to apply and let us know how.


Representing Cannabis Interests in the Northeast

Cannabis Equals Business

The northeast United States is where business is done.  From NYC to Boston the cannabis industry needs a voice to communicate with local, state, and national interests.  Our members include professionals from a variety of backgrounds and organizations range from scientific laboratories to social clubs.

Have a startup idea and want to protect it while bringing it forth in the cannabis community?  Our organization will not only help protect your ideas but it will encourage new ideas with changes to regulations and beginning dialogue on how to bring more startups into the community at large.  We stand strong with you and our goals can help protect your startup and bring it to fruition in the northeast United States.


Join our coalition and become part of the cannabis community in the northeast United States.


Let us reach out to the community and establish a system of support for your new business.


We stand strongly on the side of small business and individual rights when it comes to cannabis.


Build your network and connect with like minded individuals all over the northeast and beyond.

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What We Have Been Up To
What Is Our Mission

Our Mission To bring together individuals and organizations involved in cannabis in the Northeast including New Jersey, New York and all of New England. Our goal is to protect the


Cannabis has spurred a wave of interest in science as evidenced by the numerous inventors and innovators who are interested in gathering analytical data to create a new cannabis product.

Chairman Michael Kahn

Cannabis has spurred a wave of interest in science as evidenced by the numerous inventors and innovators who are interested in gathering analytical data to create a new cannabis product.

Northeast Cannabis Coalition Launches!

The Northeast Cannabis Coalition represents the interests of marijuana related businesses in the northeast corridor of the United States. We also represent individuals and volunteers who participate in the cannabis


High Society presents Dr. Uma Dhanabalan of Uplifting Health & Wellness as she discusses the multiple ways that medical cannabis patients can utilize this plant. Dr. Uma is certified in


Become part of a cannabis organization representing the northeast.


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Have a question about joining the Northeast Cannabis Coalition and our membership guidelines and restrictions?  Seeking comment on an issue happening around cannabis in the northeast?  Feel free to reach out to us and let us know your ideas, comments, and questions.

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