We, as medical cannabis patients, employees, and employers, acknowledge that we are an industry of vulnerability and that we must take certain, deliberate, and consistent action to protect those that are most vulnerable within the communities that we serve. We have proactively initiated this public pledge of the standards and commitment that we make as the leading organized representatives of our local industry.

We pledge to: obey the law; provide excellence in service to our patient members; provide dignity, equality and opportunity to our employees; and dedicate our operations to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility in the communities in which we operate.

• We pledge to honor the trust of our community by devotedly adhering to state law and the Attorney General’s guidelines, as well as all reasonable local ordinances.

• We pledge to only associate with qualified patients and their caregivers who are residents of the State of Registration and possess a valid and verifiable doctor’s recommendation for medical cannabis.

• We pledge that we shall not provide medical cannabis to any patient in an amount not consistent with personal medical use.

• We pledge to go over and above what is required to prevent the illegal sale, barter, or distribution of medical cannabis, including educating our members regarding compliance with existing State and local laws.

• We pledge that our cultivation and food processing facilities, where edibles are prepared, comply with all relevant federal, state, and local health and safety laws pertaining to the preparation of food for our private memberships.

• We pledge to operate a safe and secure environment, including adequate security officers and surveillance that will monitor the grounds and the immediate vicinity to assure that all patrons of the property immediately leave the site and do not consume medical cannabis in the vicinity of any club or any adjacent property or parking lot.

• We pledge to be both proactive and responsive to the concerns of our neighbors and the communities where we operate.

• We pledge to employ best accounting practices and maintain transparency with the municipalities where we are operating. We believe in paying our fair share of taxes to support the communities of which we are a vital part.

• We pledge to provide a dignified, professional, and enjoyable place of work for our employees. We pledge to follow all state and federal employment laws as well as our own union contract.

• We pledge to work collaboratively with all community stakeholders to establish a safe, friendly, and dignified industry for cannabis patients in our community that is sustainable, commerce friendly, job producing, tax revenue generating, and predictable for the entire local community.